Hello, I’m Rod McLaren. I write words that work and I do crisp product management.

Contact me   ☞ rodcorp at gmail or @rod on Twitter

Words that work

I will help you get the story right, build a clear message, explain an opportunity, make the audience understand. I can:

  • Explain what’s happening in the digital space and what it means for your organisation
  • Achieve clarity of product interface, and of the message and plan.
  • Currently: writing at Co-op Digital 2016-2018, mostly the Digital group’s newsletters, and you can sign up for the email.

Crisp product management for mobile and internet startups

I will help you design your software product and the business around it. Together we will answer questions like these:

And we will:

  • Outline and shape your product. We’ll fit the product to your users and customers and to your business.
  • Design the business pragmatically. We’ll identify and balance customer and user needs with your aims. Pricing, go to market, contracting, team building.
  • Write direct product user interface and copy, sales and marketing copywriting.
  • Recent project: 2016-7 - Product/project management of software build for global charity, with Storythings.


Before Holdfast I ran product and finance director at a mobile security software business. Was a product manager at an AIM-listed speech services company. Was the head of design at Football365.

Contact me   ☞ rodcorp at gmail or @rod on Twitter