Words that work: digital + carbon transformation

Hello, I’m Rod McLaren.

I will help you get the story right, build a clear message, unlock an idea, explain an opportunity, and make the audience understand.

If you thought digital transformation was spiky and disruptive, wait til you see carbon transformation. It is going to feel like the sudden reinvention of many things we take as given today - jobs, education, housing, energy, industry, agriculture, infrastructure, finance, cities, society, the world. They need reinventing because we built them for a world that no longer exists. They need to be remade for the entropocene”, an era of heightened change that demands more resilience and adaptability, better use of materials and energy, and fairer outcomes for all. We have to work so hard and so fast at it. We have no choice. If the last decade was about digital transformation, the next few decades are going to be about carbon transformation.

I can:

  • help you work out what the story is
  • explain what’s happening in the digital space and what it means for your organisation
  • communicate how and why your organisation is changing, or what the vision is
  • handle your newsletter, or make a product interface clearer
  • write a guide that helps your customers or partners understand how you can help them
  • some of my work and projects

Contact me   ☞ rodcorp at gmail or @rod on Twitter