Words that work for digital organisations

Hello, I’m Rod McLaren.

If your organisation is digital (or is becoming digital), I will help you get the story right, build a clear message, unlock an idea, explain an opportunity, and make the audience understand. I can:

  • explain what’s happening in the digital space and what it means for your organisation.
  • communicate how and why your organisation is changing digitally, or what the vision is.
  • make a product interface clear, or its story and plan.
  • write a guide that helps your customers or partners understand how you help them.
  • some of my work and projects

Contact me   ☞ rodcorp at gmail or @rod on Twitter


I sometimes still do crisp product design and management.

Before Holdfast I ran product and finance at a mobile security software business. Before that I was a product manager at an AIM-listed speech services company, and was the head of design at Football365, but that’s a long time ago now.