2018-2019: Projects by IF are a very clever technology studio specialising in ethical and practical uses of data. Data is becoming increasingly central to individuals, organisations and how the world works, so IFs work on responsible, creative and trustable data use is timely and important. I’ve edited and written things for them.

Rod pairs firsthand, extensive domain knowledge of tech and design with a real talent for wordsmithery. He does the full stack of writing: from microcopy to strategy and visioning, with a nice sideline in well-placed Derrida references and acknowledgements of his backlog of fiction. Teams love him, management trusts him, and he’s an all-around excellent person to work with. I’ve worked with him in previous roles as well, and recommend him to everyone. (Please don’t hire him when I’m on deadline.) - Dr. Ella Fitzsimmons, Head of Narrative Strategy, Projects by IF

2018-2019: ustwo is a big digital product and service studio that drives positive change for people, business and organisations. I write the London’s studio’s newsletter, and you can sign up for the email.

It’s interesting because I’m covering things like personal finance, health tech, augmented reality, the future of transport. Here’s one about self-driving taxis. According to Mailchimp the newsletter has an open rate of 73% and a click rate of about 14%.

2016-2019: Co-op Digital is digitally transforming and creating new businesses at the Co-op Group, one the UKs largest member-owned organisations, which is well known for its convenience store, funerals, wills and other businesses. I write the Digital group’s newsletter, and you can sign up for the email.

The newsletter looks at what’s happening in the internet/digital world and how it’s relevant to the Co-op, to retail businesses, and most importantly to people, communities and society. It has run weekly for two years. Mailchimp says the newsletter has an open rate of 51% and a click rate of about 15%.

Some previous projects

2018: Worked with the brilliant Ella Fitzsimmons to create a prototype newsletter for DotEveryone, a think tank which champions responsible technology. Doteveryone’s team has taken it on: Society in the loop and it is a great read.

2017: Worked with the magnificent Brad Legge to write an agile development plan for a legal software product and evaluate potential vendors for Kemp Little, a tech/media law firm.

2016-17: Product/project management of a software build for global charity, with Storythings.

2016: Introducing agile approaches (iterate, adapt) to Storythings and their client projects.

2015: Business model design and early product management for, a job matching website from Team Prime.

2015: London Tube Map with Walklines now in London Transport Museum.

2015: Spreadsheets are dreams, a piece on design/craft for Hand & Brain alongside contributions from William Gibson and others.

2015: Corp structure planning for startup media design consultancy.