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The leap from experience to trust

18 April 2024

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You used to be able to confidently predict that the future would look more or less like today: many things getting a bit better, some a bit worse, but all of them essentially recognisable and understandable. Progress was a process of incremental improvement, each step building on the last.

But we don’t live in that world any more. AI and new technology, aging populations, changing preferences, political uncertainty, media exhaustion, regulatory change, resource depletion, supply chain instability, biodiversity erosion and climate change all mean that the world is changing much more quickly and more intensely.

The stakes are higher. Risks and opportunities are everywhere. They emerge faster, less legibly, with deeper impact. For products and services to meet the demands of a complex, changing, opaque world, these aren’t enough: Business as usual. Incremental improvement. Annual budget cycles. Hierarchic governance.

But these aren’t enough either: Design. Innovation. Technology. Data. Teams. Agility. (The standard digital transformation playbook © everyone - necessary in 2004 but insufficient today.)

What is needed is trust.

Projects by IF help organisations take the leap from experience to trust, meet the challenges already here, and build better futures. I helped Sarah, Valeria and the brilliant IF team sharpen up the story and the words.

More here: Trust is the new experience

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