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How to play the LinkedIn blogging game

31 January 2024

Writing this down because I can never remember. This seems to be how to publish on LinkedIn to get better engagement, comments, views etc.

  1. Your org writes a Linkedin article because the reach will be longer term, the content google indexable, and no content length limits compared to posts. Obviously the content should be good. But the algorithm prefers it if it’s not just you showing off how amazing you are all the time (humans prefer that too). Do some generous things like link out to other sources.
  2. Then your org also writes a brief post that points at the article because the reach for posts is wider (albeit briefer) than it is for articles
  3. Then from personal Linkedin accounts of employees and friendos, you do an instant repost of your org’s post
  4. Then fingers crossed for some sweet engagement (within 90 mins is important to the algorithm), and don’t be the first to comment on your own post, but DO comment after others have

No doubt the secret rules have already changed in the moments since publishing this. Praise the algorithm.

Sources: this, this, this, and this.

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