Rod McLaren: Words that work |||

Before Holdfast, Rod was:

2004-2014: founder/director of Mobbu

Mobbu makes mobile security and communications software for businesses, UK police forces, Ministry of Defence.

  • PassWear, a two factor/password replacement security product for mobile apps using Pebble/Android Gear/Apple Watch smartwatches.
  • Field Ops, a real-time situational awareness product on BlackBerry, iOS and Android for UK gov surveillance/security. Annual recurring revenue of ~GBP1m between 2007-14 and helped achieve multiple convictions.
  • Ran Mobbu finance at ~GBP1.5m annual revenue and 30-40% NP. Business modelling, finance, strategy, commercial management and contracts, procurement, due diligence. Designed SAAS and hybrid SAAS/consulting business models.

2001-2003: Product Manager at Eckoh plc

Designed and product managed a speech recognition service, the early product seed of an AIM-listed customer communications business now at 22m annual revenue.

1998-2001: Head of Design at 365 Corp plc

Ran design/UX, Front-end development and delivery teams for Football365 and other content websites. 365 LSE-listed in 1999, and the sports division has been owned by Sky since 2006.

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