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Rod McLaren: Words that work
100 Co-op Digital newsletters June 25, 2018 A couple of weeks ago I reached the 100th Co-op Digital newsletter. A milestone I didn’t expect to reach when we started out, so a pleasant clear March 8, 2017 #My job (making words that are clear) [An attempt to write something clear that can be read in a minute while also being “compliant” with Upgoer5 Co-op Digital newsletter: blockchain June 28, 2016 The latest Co-op Digital newsletter was a good challenge. The EU referendum result had come in a couple of hours before we published, and it A dozen insurance policies at 450/month February 29, 2016 Have you ever wondered how many insurance policies you have, what they cost, and whether they’re right for you? An “audit” of your insurance cover Notes on late savers, banks, long-term planning February 11, 2016 Working notes on long-term saving, some of which is from the perspective of what my bank account could do for me. Demographic stats: we’re living New UK banking licences since 2013 November 25, 2015 (Data to Nov 2018, corrections welcome!) New banks are being licensed in the UK. Most of them are boutique or corporate, but there are some London Tube Map with Walklines now in London Transport Museum November 18, 2015 Nov 2015 “The walk-lines are superb! Classics are rarely improved by tinkering, but the walk-lines are a genuine improvement to the Underground Why am I interested in personal finance, healthcare and technology? October 29, 2015 We’re living longer. The average cohort life expectancy 1 for a British person aged 65 in 1982 was 79 (male) and 83 female. The same life expectancy Spreadsheets are dreams September 8, 2015 They are numeric descriptions of the intent and direction of a body of work, of a corporate body, or of their outputs. They are the financial part History September 6, 2015 Before Holdfast, Rod was: Mobbu makes mobile security and communications software for businesses, UK police forces, Ministry of Defence. PassWear, Mr. Watson, come here. I want you. September 4, 2015 Last time I started a blog it was 2003, a time seemingly closer to 1876 than now